Nike Lunarglide 5 Review

Nike Lunarglide 5

What luck, I’m writing a review for the Nike Lunarglide 5 the week of the announcement of the arrival of the Lunarglide 6! Oh well, I’ve already checked out the Lunarglide 6, and, in my opinion, the 5s are much prettier (and they have a vaster color selection!). Plus, now that the 6s are out, the 5s will likely be on sale!

I’ve had great luck with the Lunarglide 5s, and this is my second pair in a row (different colors, of course!). It’s been years since I’ve owned a pair of Nikes that I considered comfortable and that I could actually run in. Nike probably makes the cutest looking shoes with the most vibrant colors, but I’ve often struggled with running in their shoes without pain. I know many people love their Nike Frees, but my arches, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints require me to have more support than a minimalist shoe. For years I ran in Asics, and I thought they were my Holy Grail running shoe… but I still continued to get shin splints even with their $160 Kayanos. Plus, they felt so heavy and bulky! Not only during running, but also cross training and weight training were made difficult by the cinder blocks I had on my feet…

Enter the Nike Lunarglide- a lightweight stability running shoe. The arch support and cushion you need to keep you comfortable without any added bulk to weigh you down (and slow you down!). I was shocked the first time I ran in my Nike Lunarglide 5s- comfortable Nikes?! But they’re cute! How can they be comfortable too?! I’m always going to have some pain when I run longer distances, but the Lunarglides keep my shin splints and other pains at bay better than any other running shoe I’ve had.

I’ve worn these shoes with the factory insoles and with some basic Dr. Scholl’s insoles, and an added insole provides that little added arch support that I need to really make these shoes perfect for running, walking, training, and working (my poor running shoes really take a beating!). I haven’t put any insoles in this newest gray/orange/blue pair, and running is still comfortable. However, the soles of the new pair feel a little stiffer than my original black pair of 5s, but perhaps that is due to the fact that I wore inserts in my black pair. Nonetheless, I can still exercise with ease, but I have to be more cautious of my arches and plantar fasciitis. Oh, did I mention that I broke my foot several months ago? Hence all the extra foot and arch pain, so it’s really a miracle that I can run in these shoes (or any shoe) with minimal pain.

Not only are the Lunarglides supportive and lightweight, they’re stylish! I don’t like a whole like of flashy colors or patterns on my tennis shoes because  fitness barbie likes to coordinate her outfits at the gym. The original black Lunarglides are still my favorite, but the light grey, atomic orange, and glacier blue color combination was neutral while still having a fun splash of color for summer.

Overall, I love the Nike Lunarglide 5s, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a running shoe, a training shoe, or even just a shoe in which to run errands. When I wear out this new pair, I’ll be trying on the Lunarglide 6… but if those don’t match up, I’ll be returning to my trusty Nike Lunarglide 5s! They’re so good, they make me do the Psy scream 😉
Nike Lunarglide 5



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