Fall Transition Outfit: Boots and Blazers

Fall Transition Outfit: JCrew Schoolboy Blazer, JCrew Pixie Pant, Lucky Brand Boots

This is a slightly different post for me. I know I typically post about food and nutrition, but there are three facets to my blog: Eat. Tone. Love. Thus far, I believe my focus has been predominantly “Eat” related. I’ve dabbled some in “Tone” posts, but it’s hard to put together workout routines when you don’t have a tripod and have yet to coerce someone into filming you. Perhaps the most neglected facet of my blog is “Love,” which I intended to be a smorgasbord of things I love: fashion, clothes, skincare, science, what have you. In the upcoming weeks, you will see more and more posts within this category, including outfit of the day posts (both work and work out apparel), reviews for athletic apparel, and style guides to keep you looking fancy and fit in the gym (I recently went into a shopaholic frenzy for some Nike apparel, so I’ll give you the full run down of all my purchases).

I haven’t been blogging as much recently. Between work, school, social life and both the fun and drama associated for all these, I’ve felt pressed for time for writing. Fear not, I have not strayed from my healthy lifestyle- I still workout daily, cook daily, and function like a lean, green machine. I haven’t abandoned my lifestyle, but I have abandoned you, my readers, as collateral damage. Thus, I have a ton of content to blog about, I just can’t seem to find the time or motivation to type it all out. Thus, my posts may be more picture-based now. In line with that, you can also follow me on Instagram. I’ve been cheating on WordPress with Instagram, but it’s just so much easier to snap a picture and write a caption than to type out a long ass blog entry and recipe. So, if you feel deprived from my lack of blog posts, head on over to Instagram to see what I’ve been cooking up recently.

Now, back to this fall-tastic outfit. The only things I moderately enjoy about cooler weather are boots, blazers, and scarves. Things I do not enjoy about cooler weather? Freezing my ass off (the one downside to low body fat %) and, and this one may come as a surprise, pants. I freaking hate wearing pants. For the longest time, I refused to wear jeans unless absolutely unnecessary. Call me a girly girl, but put me in a skirt or dress and I’m happy. Put me in pants, and I feel weird, constricted, and ugh. Thus, winter becomes a struggle, and I inevitably must give in to pantalones.

Because yoga pants and leggings are not always acceptable attire (dammit. Gym attire FTW), I’ve had to find pants that I can actually deal with wearing. Enter the Pixie Pant from J.Crew- which is basically a socially acceptable, structured legging. My particular pair has pockets and belt loops, you know, so I can pass them off as real pants without sacrificing my need for lack of constraint. I have these pants in black (pictured here) and navy, and I adore them. Another item that I adore is the J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer, featured here in dark gray. J.Crew makes the best damn blazers, and I just added two more lovely ladies to my collection, bringing my grand total to five (black, navy, gray, soft orchid, and fire coral). Structured, stylish, and classically and effortlessly put together, the J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer is a welcome addition to any outfit to make it both fall-ready and business chic. And what would a fall outfit be without some Lucky Brand BootsJ.Crew bling, and my trusted and adored Michael Kors Selma Bag?

Fall Transition Outfit- H&M top, Pixie Pant, Lucky Brand Boots

J.Crew Necklace

Shirt: H&M
Blazer: J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Gray
Pants: J.Crew Pixie Pant in Black
Boots: Lucky Brand Boots
Jewelry: J.Crew Necklace
Handbag: Michael Kors Selma in Luggage


Nike Lunarglide 5 Review

Nike Lunarglide 5

What luck, I’m writing a review for the Nike Lunarglide 5 the week of the announcement of the arrival of the Lunarglide 6! Oh well, I’ve already checked out the Lunarglide 6, and, in my opinion, the 5s are much prettier (and they have a vaster color selection!). Plus, now that the 6s are out, the 5s will likely be on sale!

I’ve had great luck with the Lunarglide 5s, and this is my second pair in a row (different colors, of course!). It’s been years since I’ve owned a pair of Nikes that I considered comfortable and that I could actually run in. Nike probably makes the cutest looking shoes with the most vibrant colors, but I’ve often struggled with running in their shoes without pain. I know many people love their Nike Frees, but my arches, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints require me to have more support than a minimalist shoe. For years I ran in Asics, and I thought they were my Holy Grail running shoe… but I still continued to get shin splints even with their $160 Kayanos. Plus, they felt so heavy and bulky! Not only during running, but also cross training and weight training were made difficult by the cinder blocks I had on my feet…

Enter the Nike Lunarglide- a lightweight stability running shoe. The arch support and cushion you need to keep you comfortable without any added bulk to weigh you down (and slow you down!). I was shocked the first time I ran in my Nike Lunarglide 5s- comfortable Nikes?! But they’re cute! How can they be comfortable too?! I’m always going to have some pain when I run longer distances, but the Lunarglides keep my shin splints and other pains at bay better than any other running shoe I’ve had. Continue reading

OMG Shoes: Nike Roshe Run Slip Review

Roshe Slip 2

Omg Shoes. When it comes to shoes, I am a total girl- I love them, can’t get enough of them. However, I often go for form over function with shoes (the only exception being my running shoes). The issue is that I have to walk quite a bit to, from, and at my job. Working in a hospital setting typically entails quite a bit of walking, and as much as I love J.Crew’s Italian leather ballet flats, they really don’t cut it on days when I’m on my feet all day. However, I will say J.Crew’s Cece flats are the most comfortable stylish flats I own, so naturally I own about…5. Oops. I have a weird aversion to wearing tennis shoes with anything other than gym clothes, so I was on the hunt for a cute flat or slip on sneaker than was actually comfortable…

Enter the Nike Roshe Run Slip. Whaaa, the shoes Gods have answered my prayers. This shoe is slip on- love. It’s Nike- love, I’m loyal to my name twin brand. It’s a mauvish dusty lilac- love this neutral color, easily goes with pretty much everything. I’m loving the dusty, desert roses, creams, and mauves this summer. It’s sporty spice chic. And, get this, it’s actually comfortable! The insoles are ribbed, so they feel fun on your feet during the day. They are super lightweight and the fabric breathes easily, which is great for walking in hot weather. Lastly, the pull tab at the back makes the shoe more adjustable- no more slip ons that slip constantly on and off your heel as you walk.

Roshe Slip 6

Roshe Slip 8

Roshe Slip 5

Roshe Slip 4

Verdict? I absolutely love them, 5 stars. I’ve worn them with gym attire for a casual sporty spice look and also with white ankle jeans and a draped top.  They look great either way. The only place I’ve seen them is at Foot Locker, where they sell for $65.

This is how much I love these shoes.

This is how much I love these shoes.

Christmas in June

Gym PackagesWhen it rains, it pours. This has certainly been a stressful and frustrating week. With three exams on the docket, I knew this week would have some hiccups, but sometimes when it rains, it pours, and everything else goes awry. An indication of how bad yesterday was? I skipped the gym. Yes, please pause for audible gasps. Not only did I need time to study for my 2.5 hour national certification exam today (eee wish me luck), but I knew I had some packages waiting on my porch. After a day like yesterday, sometimes knowing that you’ve sent yourself some “presents” in the mail can be the only thing to help you continue to crawl your way through all the stress, frustration, conflict, and drama of the day. Does anyone else miss getting mail? I mean good mail- actual letters, things from people you know, something other than junk and weekly circulars that are instantaneously dropped into the recycling. For me, getting packages in the mail is like Christmas, especially after a stressful day. I eagerly track my packages online, and as soon as they hit Lexington, I start buzzing like a kid on Christmas Eve. Yesterday’s arrival brought a particular excitement because it was one of my favorite things: athletic apparel. So I have some shoes, some tops, and some bottoms from Nike (Of course I’m a Nike girl. Nike/Nika, it was meant to be) and Dicks Sporting Goods to share and review for you. I had to take a peek and try them on, but I will share my goodies with you all later. Some products are holy grail items, items that I already know I love and can’t live without, but I just feel compelled to expand my color collection. Other items were new to me, some were hits and others were misses. A good friend of mine recently purchased some new workout apparel and shoes, so hopefully I can persuade him to give some reviews for the men out there too. So don’t worry, there will be something for everyone! I’ll share all of my insight with you to help you have the fiercest workout outfits this summer, because a fierce workout is built upon a fierce attitude, a fierce outfit, and a fierce playlist. Look good, feel good, train good.

Here’s to hoping that today will bring clearer skies for all of us. Getting that huge test of my mind, a third attempt at RNA extraction from adipose tissue (EF tissue, I’m shaking my fist at you, but third time’s a charm, right? Right?), a TRX class, and some attempts at conflict resolution will hopefully brighten my day. If not, just remember that tomorrow is Friday, and the weekend is almost here!

❤ Nika


Teaser: I got a package!

IMG_1106 IMG_1164 IMG_1128

Literally jumping for joy about this (which is impressive considering I broke my foot just a few months ago… how time flies).

Ooooh I got a package, what’s inside?! Surprises from my absolute favorite, holy grail, secret weapon, omgiloveyou makeup company, Alima Pure. A detailed “haul” post with reviews will follow. Like a typical girl, I am addicted to makeup, but being concerned about what goes into my body when I eat means I also have to be concerned about what goes onto my body. Alima Pure is, well, pure! Simple, natural ingredients. You all know that’s my favorite catchphrase! Just had to share my excitement and tease you with upcoming posts!

PS is there anything better than getting packages in the mail? It’s like Christmas… in May.

PPS why must jumping pictures be so difficult? I have about 100 pictures of me awkwardly squatting and flailing about now.