Asian Inspired Veggie Turkey Meatballs Over Rice Noodles

Asian Style Turkey Meatballs over Rice Noodles

I thought I would share my dinner from last night since it was quite a cute dish- very delicious and relatively simple! Not much of a formal recipe this time, but I could do more of a traditional recipe if you all would be interested. I’m particularly proud of this dish not only because it turned out beautifully (in taste and appearance!), but also because I just conjured up this “recipe” and made things up as I went along. It’s nice to follow a recipe and cook a great meal, but there’s a certain satisfaction and pride of whipping together something at will, using your intuition to combine ingredients and create taste profiles, and then producing a physical manifestation of your creativity. Cooking is an art, truly. How else can you define the ability to grab some thirteen odd ingredients, throw them together, and produce something tasty and healthy? As surprising as it may be, knowing my science background, I was a very creative child and loved the arts- writing, drawing, doing skits, and whatever was the childhood bliss du jour. The kitchen is my new easel, except now I paint not only with color, but with taste, texture, composition, nutrition, and love. I think the biggest key to making the experience of cooking one that is artful is to put love, pride, and care into everything you make. Your food is a manifestation of you, it is born of you, it carries your essence. Be genuine, creative, brave, and determined, and your food will reward you. Your kitchen may not reward you… as mine is always resembles a tornado’s warpath after I finish cooking a detailed meal. Thankfully the meal you just prepared is soo healthy that it will give you all the necessary energy to get off your ass and clean the kitchen (or persuade the recipient of your cooking to do so!) 😉

For the veggie turkey meatballs, I added grated homegrown zucchini, grated carrots, chopped green onion, diced red pepper, and diced red onion to ground turkey. I added some gluten free panko breadcrumbs and seasoned with salt and pepper. I placed them on an oiled cookie sheet in a convection oven set at 350ºF for 15 minutes, took them out and flipped them over, and cooked them for another 15 minutes. For the rice noodles, I boiled some plain GF vegan rice noodles, rinsed with cold water, and returned to heat. I added some Bragg’s Amino Acids (tastes reminiscent of soy sauce or tamari) and chili powder. I plated the noodles, topped with a couple turkey meatballs, drizzled some more Bragg’s Amino Acids on the dish, and garnished with some cilantro.

I made quite a lot of noodles, and the turkey meatball “recipe” yielded an entire cookie sheet of meatballs. In all, this yielded about three servings: dinner… lunch… snack? I usually like to make at least two servings of whatever I cook for dinner, so that my lunch for tomorrow is ready to go and full of home-cooked deliciousness. However, I don’t even know what to do with three servings! Unfortunately, I had no one with whom to share this little invented-on-the-fly dish, so I will instead eat noodles fo dayz (pho dayz?) and show you all pretty pictures!


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