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I am a 23 year old foodie and a health nut. Due to a combination of food sensitivities and dietary considerations, I am gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and meat-free. In essence, I don’t eat any animal products (i.e. butter, cheese, cream, milk, eggs, red meat, pork) except poultry and fish. As one of my friends jokes- if it has two legs or less, then I’ll eat it. However, a large portion of my diet is vegan. There are some other foods I try to avoid, including corn, peanuts, cashews, and pineapple. Fueled by my largely plant-based diet, I am also an athlete: I rode horses competitively for six years, I played tennis in high school and college, and exercise remains an essential aspect of my life. I’m also a fashionista and a nerdy scientist. I graduated last May with bachelor’s degrees in Biology and French Language and Literature as a pre-med student. I’m currently working in a nutritional sciences research lab while taking classes before heading to grad school. I’m hoping my life and career involve nutrition, health, and fitness… but how is the question, as always!

Eat. Tone. Love. Not only is this a mantra to live by, but these three words are likely the most accurate description of who I am and how I live my life. I love food– from the moment I buy it in the grocery store until the moment I prepare it and eat it. I hope that through this journey together, I can bring you to a more healthful relationship with food, and I don’t just mean eating healthy food. What you eat is only part of the equation, but how you eat and the relationship you have with food is crucial in making the transition from simply “being on a diet” to living a healthy, happy lifestyle that extends beyond 5 pounds, 5 weeks, 5 months, or even 5 years. This is a lifetime, a lifestyle, a mindset. Unlike “Diet,” that steamy guy with a six pack and a mouth full of empty promises that you had that short fling with, a lifestyle is a loving, committed relationship. A serious, committed relationship with food, doesn’t that sound nice? No more sneaking around on Diet, cheating on him with McDonald, Wendy, Jimmy John, Papa John, or any of your other late night booty calls. No more rollercoaster rides with Diet either. One day things may be great- you’ve lost 3 pounds, and Diet flashes that pretty smile and promises you the world… And then you find yourself alone, clutching some prepackaged meal bar that might as well be pulverized packing peanuts trying to remember the last time you ate a carb or something that wasn’t labeled with some catchy tag line promising less fat, less calories, less guilt. I get it, I totally do. I dated Diet from middle school- we went years avoiding carbs like the plague, we counted calories until we were so neurotic it bordered on disordered, and we developed an unhealthy and emotional relationship with food that lingered like a bad break up. But let me let you in on a little secret- Diet is a douche bag. He’s lying to you, misleading you, telling those same empty promises to countless other girls who just want to look hot in their bikini on spring break, dammit. So break up with him. Forget about Diet, and I’ll hook you up with my friend Food. He’s way more satisfying, way less stressful, much tastier, and his six pack is actually real, not a spray tanned illusion. Oh, and your body will be bangin’ in that bikini the next time you see Diet, and you can throw that nasty meal bar right in his face.


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Beautiful blog NikaJoon. I’m gluten-free as well and I also limit my dairy and meat. I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for over 11 years and was a vegetarian for seven years. I’m thrilled to see so many beautiful young women like yourself really focus on their health and wellness!

  2. Fantastic idea for a blog and I look forward to seeing more of your recipes. I have just been advised that I have a mild IBS issue which is exacerbated by gluten and caffeine (pretty much my two favourite things in this world) so I have stumbled across you at just the right time.
    Thanks for the like on my blog!

    • Thank you! Gluten and caffeine, oh no! When I was diagnosed with all my food sensitivities three years ago, I was advised that coffee might be an issue for me… My response as a stressed out college student? “mmhmm yeah okay.” Interestingly enough, I have recently cut back drastically on coffee and have now switched to drinking one cup of green tea in the morning. I haven’t been as fatigued as I would have anticipated (although I can notice it when I get less sleep), but my skin is looking great! It’s not only clearer, but it’s also less flushed! So I guess my advice would be focus not on what you’re losing, but instead on what you’re gaining- a happier GI, clearer skin, more energy (naturally!), a slimmer physique, etc. Plus, with all the great GF blogs out there and the rapidly multiplying resources of GF products, you will be well equipped to take on this challenge! Let me know if you ever have any questions, want to vent about the things you miss, or just need some motivation!

      Best wishes,

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