Tone Up Tuesday: Incline Interval Pyramid (of death)


Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you some of the new cardio routines I’ve been doing- incline interval training! Yes, it’s about as torturous as it sounds, but the results are well worth the pain. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage in cardiovascular exercise because it increases aerobic and anaerobic fitness as well as shredding subcutaneous and abdominal fat. And, because it’s high intensity, your cardio routines can be shorter and still accomplish a greater calorie and fat burn than traditional cardio. This 20 minute workout will have you more sweaty and svelte than an hour on an elliptical. Better fat burn and in less time? What more could you ask for? I won’t lie to you- it won’t be an easy 20 minutes; You’ll have to push yourself, as the incline really adds an extra facet of difficulty to this interval routine. While most of us are used to running on flat surfaces (especially on the treadmill), running on inclines trains different leg muscles and strengthens them more efficiently than on a flat surface. Surface more, the incline can help strengthen and lengthen your calves– who doesn’t want some sexy, lean calves? This particular torture device of a routine that I’ve created also features a pyramid- starting with a warm up, working up the pyramid in difficulty, reaching the peak of “omg I’m dying,” and then working your way back down the pyramid into a cool down. Inclines? Check. HIIT? Check. Pyramid? Check. Killer cardio routine with a guaranteed sweaty slim down? Check!

So grab a treadmill and your favorite running shoes and get to toning with this incline interval training pyramid. 

It’s Tone Up Tuesday. I’m ready to shred it. How about you?

Incline Interval Pyramid (of death)
0:00-1:00 3mph, 0%
1:00-3:00 7mph, 0%
3:00-3:30 Rest
3:30-4:30 7mph, 3%
4:30-5:00 Rest
5:00-6:00 7mph, 6%
6:00-6:30 Rest
6:30-7:30 7mph, 9%
7:30-8:00 Rest
8:00-9:00 7mph, 12%
9:00-10:00 Rest
10:00-11:00 7mph, 9%
11:00-11:30 Rest
11:30-12:30 7mph, 6%
12:30-13:00 Rest
13:00-14:00 7mph, 3%
14:00-14:30 Rest
14:30-15:30 7mph, 0%
15:30-16:00 Rest
16:00-18:00 6mph, 0%
18:00-20:00 Cool Down


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