Hydration Station: New Water Bottle

IMG_2449 IMG_2450

Breaking news: I have a nifty new water bottle! So new I didn’t even take the wrapper off for these pictures, oops. I know, “Uh.. so what?” but this is exciting for me! First of all, look how fancy it is (so fancy, from head to toe)! This water bottle has a built in straw (love) that pops out with the touch of a button (double love!). Not only is it cute (and my favorite shade of blue), but it has a nifty button… I’m a sucker for fun little gadgets.

This was a big step for me, as I have been faithful to the same insulated pink Polar Bottle for the past 5 years. Not only does this trusty water bottle accompany me to the gym every day, but it has also traveled the world with me. Ready to play I Spy? This little pink bottle has been …

Water Bottle France

Cycling in the South of France…

Ireland Water Bottle

Hiking along the cliffs of Ireland…

At the school - Version 2

And through the rain forests and oceans of Belize.

I’m not quite ready to retire Old Faithful, but this new Contigo water bottle is a strong contender. I like to keep one water bottle at work and one in my car (for the gym), and I haven’t quite decided the position to which this new water bottle will be assigned… will it be my new gym buddy? Or my at-work hydrator? Both are tough jobs but essential to my health!

Are you drinking enough water in a day? Hmm don’t lie to me!! There’s always room for improvement, especially with all the benefits that water provides! If you need help motivating yourself to drink more water (at home, at work, at the gym, anywhere!) maybe consider buying a cute and nifty new water bottle. Not only are they fun to drink out of, but they are healthier than plastic water bottles-both for you and the environment! As an added bonus, water bottles with measurements on the side (like this new Contigo) can help you keep track of how much water you’re drinking- and to challenge yourself to drink even more of this healthful hydrator!

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay hydrated!

❤ Nika


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