Honey Glazed Teriyaki Chicken


Greetings, my fabulously fit readers. I’ve been absent the past couple of days because I’ve been in a funk for the past week and half. Yes, it happens to me too- I’m not some beacon of 100% health awesomeness. I, too, have weeks when I feel fat and only want to wear gym clothes, when I wish I could just skip the gym and watch Orange is the New Black (having Netflix on my TV now has been disastrous for my productivity), when cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner seems like a monumental task… BUT the key is to “slack” without completely slacking. I’ve still been going to the gym nearly every day of the week, I just haven’t had super long, intense workouts, and I cut back on my strength training. Thankfully, TRX class twice a week forces me to get into the gym regardless of how I’m feeling. Group classes can definitely help with accountability, especially if you befriend your classmates (which has the added benefit of making the gym a friendlier and more communal experience). Further, there are ways to prepare quick, brainless meals without sacrificing health and nutrition (thank God for healthy frozen food).

Despite the fact that I’ve still been eating well and exercising, I can just feel that I haven’t been eating as clean or exercising as intensely. Thus, I’m making a conscious effort to turn up the intensity dial back up to health freak/gym rat status.

One of the best ways to feel good about your diet is to cook your own meals from scratch. I made this honey glazed teriyaki chicken, sautéed asparagus with red and yellow peppers, and brown rice with quinoa this weekend for a friend and myself. I wish I could give a more detailed recipe because it was quite good, but it was honestly a random amalgamation of ingredients I had on hand that I thought would taste good together.

I got some organic chicken breast from Whole Foods, seasoned with salt and pepper, and placed them into a large skillet with olive oil. I covered the breasts in tamari sauce (a gluten free soy sauce) and cooked 6-8 minutes each side. Once the breasts were close to being cooked, I drizzled them with Manuka honey and let the teriyaki and honey glaze together. At the same time, I cut the stalks off some asparagus, chopped up some red and yellow bell pepper and red onion, and threw this medley into some olive oil with salt, pepper, and Rowdy Kitty Rub seasoning. Lastly, I topped this meal off with a side of brown rice with quinoa and a fruit cup for dessert (not pictured).

Manuka honey is a monofloral honey from New Zealand with antibacterial properties. Eating Manuka honey can help with digestive health, immunity, and skin ailments. Applying Manuka honey to the skin can help disinfect wounds, promote healing, and help those suffering from acne. I recently purchased this honey to use on my skin, but it also tastes delicious!

I was really surprised by this chicken recipe- I honestly just randomly grabbed some ingredients that I thought might complement one another and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t turn out completely inedible. To my surprise, the honey teriyaki glaze was really delicious, and my friend (the lucky recipient of the second plate) enjoyed it as well. In addition to the taste, I think the color of this glaze on the chicken is really beautiful. I usually find soy sauce to be incredibly overpowering, especially by itself, but the honey really cuts that bitter saltiness of the soy and adds a sweet and savory component to the chicken. I love it when fortuitous, random kitchen creations turn out to be a success! I’ll definitely be revisiting this marinade again- much healthier and economical than buying the pre-made teriyaki marinades full of unneeded and unhealthy ingredients… and just as delicious!



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