PROBAR Core Mint Chocolate Bar Review

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Is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m feeeeeelin’?


Uh yes, true love in protein bar form right here. May I present to you the new PROBAR Core Mint Chocolate protein bar. This sizable bar is loaded with 20g of protein (!!!!!!!) but tastes like a candy bar. Seriously, I can’t even… just imagine a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie in bar form, packed with plant-based protein, chia and flax seeds, and 4g of fiber. And did I mention it’s gluten free and vegan?

PROBAR ingredients PROBAR nutrition

As you can see, the ingredients are pretty natural and pronounceable. And before you have an aneurysm over “OMGAH 9g of fat?! FATTTT. NOOOO,” take a deep breath and repeat after me- “we need fats, good fats, just not too much fat.” Ladies, you want to have flat abs, lean legs, toned arms without losing your curves? EAT SOME FAT. Everything in moderation, even moderation… so you actually have to move your butt and sweat too. I don’t trash items for not being “low-cal,” “low-carb,” or “low-fat”… especially since most of these products achieve these distinctions by replacing natural ingredients (like flaxseeds, chia seeds, and vegetable oils that have a nice composition of saturated (meh, “bad” fats) and unsaturated fats (“good” fats”)) with crazy Frankenstein chemicals that confuse our bodies and can harm our health. The next time you think about trashing a product for containing fat or some other “bad” macronutrient, first 1. look at the INGREDIENTS, not only the nutrition facts. Don’t be lazy, companies prey upon our laziness. If a product makes a claim, don’t just take their word for it, read the ingredients and find the truth, and 2. Before you go on a low-fat rampage, remember that we wouldn’t even have this whole trans-fat dilemma if we hadn’t gotten obsessed with low-fat diets in the 80s and 90s and tried to mutate and chemically zap everything that contained a hint of fat. Admittedly, I’d like to see slightly less sugar because they do add several syrups (tapioca, agave, cane) to sweeten, but, as I said, it tastes like a girl scout cookie, so pick your battles.

cookie-monster gif

Speaking of taste, this bar knocks it out of the park with creamy mint and a chocolatey crunch that delights the taste buds and makes me look down at the wrapper to make sure someone didn’t sneak a Thin Mint into my bag. COOOOOOKIEESSSS. Seriously, I do this Cookie Monster dance every time I eat one of these bars.

thin mint

As you can see from the above pictures, the bar contains two layers- a crunchy, chewy chocolatey bottom and a creamy chocolate mint top- all drizzled in a delicate casing of vegan chocolate. The bottom layer is reminiscent of the inside of a Thin Mint- slightly crunchy, some chew, and a nice airy, crispy texture. The top layer is a creamy mint chocolate fudge that melts in your mouth and complements the chewy layer perfectly. Perhaps most surprising of all, the vegan chocolate in this bar doesn’t taste overly fake and saccharine like most vegan chocolates (I am very sensitive to this distinction because I have a low tolerance for overly sweet and sugary foods). Furthermore, I can’t taste the protein in this bar, and I think the mint helps cover that up that undesirable taste and texture.

I give this protein bar two chocolatey thumbs up. I love to eat this as an afterwork/pre-workout snack, as it gives me plenty of protein and fuel to power me through my workout and keeps my bottomless pit of a stomach satisfied longer than most bars.


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