He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all played the “s/he loves me, s/he loves me not” game with some poor, unsuspecting flower sometime during our childhood (or adulthood, no one’s judging here). I faintly remember Little Nika dabbling in this game, but it was always halfhearted. Oddly and overly shrewd and sagacious, Little Nika couldn’t justify the logic of putting weight in the opinion of flower petals. Does this flower know my life? Is he an MD/PhD with a focus in psychiatry? Does he have some Tarot cards hidden up his petals, because I’m really not getting it. I always viewed it as a silly thing, but sometimes even the things you mock can suck you in (For example? Everything on TLC. Honey Boo Boo, child. Train wrecks galore). Besides, I was too busy conquering the world on my pink tricycle to ponder the merit of a particular pansy petal’s position on my love life.

Big Pimpin'

Big Pimpin’

Nonetheless, I still recall plucking the petals off a few innocent flowers with a certain someone or a certain question in mind… He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me…. Then, a few sneaky, sideways glances before stealthily slipping my fingers around another flower’s neck to seek a second opinion. And repeat, ad nauseam, until the desired answer is achieved. I guess that was always my opinion of the hokey objects of fortune-telling. Flower tells you your love is unrequited? Ahem, pick another. Magic-8 ball gives you the wrong answer? Ahem, shake shake shake. Magic-8 ball tells you he doesn’t have an answer for you right now? What is this BS? Are you busy with something else? Shake shake shake. Horoscope is completely irrelevant? Wait for tomorrow’s. Fortune cookie gives you some vague adage? Well… you might be stuck with that one, unless you can steal someone else’s cookie.

It’s funny how all these things are like trivial, childish amusements used to pass time up until they “give” you the answer you want to hear, and then it’s all hail the magical instincts of the all powerful fortune cookie. I am totally guilty of saving a “good” fortune. In fact, I went searching through my purse and found four… which is honestly a bit embarrassing because I don’t even eat out that often.

Fortune Cookies

The first is the most recent and probably my least favorite, but if a fortune cookie wants to call me a genius, I’m cool with that. The second promises that my ability to multitask and analyze 500 million things simultaneously might make me awesome and famous (as opposed to cripplingly neurotic?), so totes keeping that one too. The fourth was particularly poignant because I received this one after a recent, difficult breakup. Plus, I’m a definite believer that the best things in life are worth the wait and the work. Plus plus, this is a nice fortune to pull out when you’re pulling your hair out over studying. The third is, by far, my favorite. I received this fortune in March, after a slew of bad luck, broken bones, and love woes had prompted me to force myself to actively put good karma into the world (I talked about this in my post Pretty is as Pretty Does). I felt like the universe was telling me that I was on the right track to restoring my good karma. Naturally, you have to keep the good fortunes or else they don’t come true… which is, I guess, the reason why my purse looks like I robbed a PF Changs… Mr. Kors would not be pleased.

But after all, a flower can’t decide our love lives. A Magic-8 ball cannot solve the world’s mysteries. A fortune cookie cannot tell you how to live your life (well… I do like fortunes… But, ironically, not the cookies). Sometimes we seek answers for the questions we already know. Sometimes we use these mindless tasks to help us withdraw into our own minds to solve the questions ourselves- pulverizing plucked petals like a worry stone. If you ever have a particularly puzzling problem, seek out the African Blood Lilly. This beautiful flower is “on loan” to my parents by the UK Department of Agriculture, and it is quite the beauty.


Besides, with this many petals, you’ll soon forget your problem completely and pinched fingers will have you giving up and moving on.

Something like this, only with bright pink petals.

Something like this, only with bright pink petals.

But, in all seriousness, don’t touch mah flower- it’s breathtaking, gorgeous, and actually quite large, although the picture doesn’t do it justice. I love this time of year, when all the flowers are blooming (although when the Dogwoods bloom at the beginning of spring, Kentucky transforms into an enchanted forest). Coincidentally, my favorite flower is the lily (I’m also quite partial to Miss Lilly). Here’s another lovely lily from my friend’s backyard. Speaking of enchanted forests, his backyard is probably one of the most beautiful in town. However, my absolute favorite feature of his yard is his massive, magical beanstalk lilies that grow taller than me- I think his record is close to 6 feet? I don’t know if they’ve begun to bloom yet, but they’re a sight to see.


So get outside, take a breath of fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful flowers and nature around you. If that doesn’t help quiet your mind, then take out your frustrations and anxiety at the gym and leave the pretty petals alone. This has been a public service announcement on behalf of the petal protection coalition.


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