OMG Shoes: Nike Roshe Run Slip Review

Roshe Slip 2

Omg Shoes. When it comes to shoes, I am a total girl- I love them, can’t get enough of them. However, I often go for form over function with shoes (the only exception being my running shoes). The issue is that I have to walk quite a bit to, from, and at my job. Working in a hospital setting typically entails quite a bit of walking, and as much as I love J.Crew’s Italian leather ballet flats, they really don’t cut it on days when I’m on my feet all day. However, I will say J.Crew’s Cece flats are the most comfortable stylish flats I own, so naturally I own about…5. Oops. I have a weird aversion to wearing tennis shoes with anything other than gym clothes, so I was on the hunt for a cute flat or slip on sneaker than was actually comfortable…

Enter the Nike Roshe Run Slip. Whaaa, the shoes Gods have answered my prayers. This shoe is slip on- love. It’s Nike- love, I’m loyal to my name twin brand. It’s a mauvish dusty lilac- love this neutral color, easily goes with pretty much everything. I’m loving the dusty, desert roses, creams, and mauves this summer. It’s sporty spice chic. And, get this, it’s actually comfortable! The insoles are ribbed, so they feel fun on your feet during the day. They are super lightweight and the fabric breathes easily, which is great for walking in hot weather. Lastly, the pull tab at the back makes the shoe more adjustable- no more slip ons that slip constantly on and off your heel as you walk.

Roshe Slip 6

Roshe Slip 8

Roshe Slip 5

Roshe Slip 4

Verdict? I absolutely love them, 5 stars. I’ve worn them with gym attire for a casual sporty spice look and also with white ankle jeans and a draped top.  They look great either way. The only place I’ve seen them is at Foot Locker, where they sell for $65.

This is how much I love these shoes.

This is how much I love these shoes.


8 thoughts on “OMG Shoes: Nike Roshe Run Slip Review

    • Liza,

      I wear them with or without socks. If I do wear socks, I have some no show Nike socks that fit inside the Roshes. Cleaning these are super easy. The colorful sole easily slips out, and the body of the shoe is very fast-drying. I wash the entire shoe with soap and water, and then I take a magic eraser to the white sole of the shoe. Using this method, they still look brand new after months of wear!

      Thanks for reading,


      • Thank you so much Nika!
        I ordered a pair because of your review, walked 11 km in them and ordered 2 more. Ordered a pair for my mum who has had a foot surgery a year ago, she loves them.
        We are so grateful for your review of these, I wear mine with dresses and don’t have to suffer from foot pain due to cute but uncomfortable shoes. Now I also know how to clean them 🙂
        All the best to you!

      • I’m so happy to hear that! 🙂 I’m glad you love them, I definitely love mine and can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can wearing them again! I’ll try to share some more of my comfy but cute picks soon!
        Xoxo Nika

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