Healthy “Fried” Chicken and Sautéed Vegetables (GF, Dairy-free, Egg-free)


I’m writing this as I am slowly melting into my couch. My mental energy has been expended, my body is sore, and my belly is full… It’s been a pretty good Thursday. Today at work was very go go go- multiple experiments and my leeeeeeast favorite protocol: RNA extraction… Of Adipose tissue… Sounds pretty harmless, right? Except it’s like a can of Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop. Five. Solid. Hours. One break… for only 15 minutes. In that time, you have to take your one bathroom break, chug some water, and shove some food in your mouth. Pipets and eppendorf tubes for days. It’s not really the time that bothers me, just the fact that I always end up having to miss lunch when I do RNA extraction. We’re cool… until you mess with my sleep or my food, then you will unleash rage Nika. I’m half Persian, so don’t doubt my fiery spirit. In honor of having to eat a very belated and fragmented lunch, I wanted to cook a nice dinner tonight despite my exhaustion from my TRX class (more on this, my new obsession, later). As with most of my recipes, it starts with a spark, a random ignition: “Hmm I have this chicken I need to cook… what to do with it? Something new… I bought some GF vegan breadcrumbs this weekend, that’s pretty cool. What about… fried chicken?!” Thus, I seasoned my breast filets with poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, and Ian’s Panko breadcrumbs and threw them into some olive oil on medium heat. I also had some asparagus, baby portobella mushrooms, peppers, and onions on hand, so into the skillet they went! For dessert, I washed and cut up some strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

The chicken wasn’t quite as crunchy as I had anticipated, but I was very conservative with my panko breadcrumbs. Next time, I will be more liberal with my breadcrumb dusting, and I should get more of a thick crunchy layer. All in all, for a completely unplanned meal, it turned out pretty darn delicious! I’ve found that with the right staples in stock, some fresh ingredients in circulation, and a dash of culinary creativity, impromptu meals can be just as artful and delicious as the meticulously planned ones… Plus it’s much easier and, typically, much quicker!



6 thoughts on “Healthy “Fried” Chicken and Sautéed Vegetables (GF, Dairy-free, Egg-free)

  1. It looks like a perfect Dinner that makes u happy on a tiring day!!! Great recipe.. i just love bread crumbs and very conservative while using it😒😀!!Same thing happens with me too ,my mind works more creative when Im tired /lazy 😤!!

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