Why Not Both? Healthy Chicken Club Salad Recipe

This salad was an amalgamation of all the random bits of food I had remaining in my fridge, but it ended up being quite delicious. Salads, scrambles, and stir fries are great ways to use extra ingredients and clean out your fridge. What am I going to do with 1/4 of a red pepper, a handful of spinach, two slices of tofu, 1/2 a tomato, left over cilantro, and a half empty dag of Daiya cheese? Um… scramble? Salad? Scramble AND salad?

Why don't we have both?

Words to live by. This girl pretty much personifies my decision making skills: the black dress or purple one? Why not both?! The impractical pumps or the new running shoes? Why not both?! Clearly I solve my indecision with… indecisive indulgence! 

So, back to the matter at hand- the noms I have prepared. This salad has quite a bit going on, but it all comes together wonderfully and tastes quite indulgent.  

Healthy Chicken Club Salad (GF, Dairy-free, Egg-free, vegan option)

1. Start with your organic, free range chicken. Season as desired- I’ve got some salt, pepper, and poultry season on these chickadees. Sauté in olive oil until cooked through (as my ServSafe class would like for me to inform you- cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 seconds. Right, let me get my thermometer out, lawlz). But salmonella is real, yo. Don’t mess around with raw chicken. Once cooked, cut the chicken into thin strips.

Grilled organic chicken

Grilled organic chicken

2. Get that tofu scramble poppin’. Again, this is a free-for-all in terms of ingredients, but what I had on hand was spinach, firm tofu, red pepper, onion, tomato, and Daiya cheddar cheese. Throw ingredients into a large skillet drizzled with olive oil, season as desire, and sauté. 

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble

3. Wash and cut your greens for your salad base. I usually like to use a combination of lettuce and spinach– lettuce gives you a nice crunch and the spinach for some fiber, protein, vitamins, and folate.

4. Once all toppings are cooked, place on top of prepared greens, top with a sprinkle of Daiya cheddar cheese,  drizzle some Annie’s Chile Lime dressing, and garnish with some fresh cilantro.

Chicken Club Salad (GF, Dairy-free, Egg-free)

Chicken Club Salad (GF, Dairy-free, Egg-free, vegan option)

I would consider this particular salad one of my favorite salad concoctions to date. I have to have some sort of protein in my salad, and I like to pile on the toppings to keep my palate interested. Furthermore, I love having some warm toppings on my salad to counteract the cool, crisp greens. This week is National Vegetarian Week, clearly I’ve been up to my ears in studying and work that I’m just now posting about this… Nonetheless, this versatile salad has a very simple vegan option- leave out the chicken! Magically this salad transforms from omnivorous to vegan. As you may have noticed with most of my recipes, all of my meals are easily made vegan with the omission of a single ingredient: chicken (or fish, on occasion). My diet is entirely dairy and egg free; therefore, the only animal products I still consume are poultry and fish. However, this fact makes my meals very easy to adapt to a GF vegan lifestyle because one can very easily swap out the one “offender” for a vegan protein option- tofu, tempeh, etc!


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