Tone up Tuesday

Hi everyone, it’s Tone Up Tuesday!! Made it to the gym yesterday? Très bien! Had a case of the Mondays and skipped? Well today’s the day to take no excuses and tone up!


Single Leg Squat Kickback

Single Leg Squat Kickback

Ball Leg Extensions

Ball Leg Extensions

Cardio: at least 25 minutes of moderate-high intensity cardio (i.e. work up a sweat on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc)

Tone: Repeat each set twice


Jump squat (20 reps)
Reverse lunge with bicep curl (15 reps, weighted 10-20lbs, I use 15)
Leg extensions on exercise ball (20 reps… see image)
Dips (15 reps)


Kettlebell swing (30 reps, 25lbs)
Single leg squat with kickback (20 reps, alternate legs each time, see image)
Ab roller (30 reps)
Push ups (25 reps)


Donkey kick (15 each leg, 20lbs)
Side-lying hip abduction (2o reps each leg)
Side-lying hip adduction (20 reps each leg)
Supermans (legs only, 15 reps)


Sit up twists on exercise ball (30 reps)
Crunches on exercise ball (20 reps)
Side-lying oblique crunches on exercise ball (15 reps each side)
Squats on Bosu ball (flat part facing up, 30 reps)
Bicycle crunches (50 reps)

I hate just typing up these workouts for you, because some of the names might be vague. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to photograph or film the workouts for you all… but I would need the assistance of a lovely photographer!! I’ll trade pictures for free workouts 🙂 Seriously though.

As always, Eat Green. Sweat Daily. Love Fully.

❤ Nika


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