Teaser: I got a package!

IMG_1106 IMG_1164 IMG_1128

Literally jumping for joy about this (which is impressive considering I broke my foot just a few months ago… how time flies).

Ooooh I got a package, what’s inside?! Surprises from my absolute favorite, holy grail, secret weapon, omgiloveyou makeup company, Alima Pure. A detailed “haul” post with reviews will follow. Like a typical girl, I am addicted to makeup, but being concerned about what goes into my body when I eat means I also have to be concerned about what goes onto my body. Alima Pure is, well, pure! Simple, natural ingredients. You all know that’s my favorite catchphrase! Just had to share my excitement and tease you with upcoming posts!

PS is there anything better than getting packages in the mail? It’s like Christmas… in May.

PPS why must jumping pictures be so difficult? I have about 100 pictures of me awkwardly squatting and flailing about now.


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