A Thank You

Let me preface this by saying that there is an intake and exercise list for today at the end of this post if you all are interested.

Here’s to you, my readers. Thank you for reading my random nutrition and fitness rants, thank you for taking an active role in your health, and thank you for inspiring me. I ran into a family friend today who, unbeknownst to me, had been reading and enjoying my blog. Moments like this warm my heart and put a huge smile on my face because I feel like I’m living my dream- living a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and fitness and being able to inform, inspire, and help others do the same. Honestly, you all inspire me to kick my own ass when I’m waffling on going to the gym or cooking a good meal. How can I talk to the talk if I’m not walking the walk? For example, I woke up today not feeling too hot, and even after several cups of coffee, the thought of being productive and working out elicited this lovely face…
Photo on 5-10-14 at 1.05 PM“But I could just sit here… have some coffee… catch up on my shows, my DVR is getting pretty full. I mean, I worked out yesterday… so I could skip today, right? I’m sure I’ll make it there tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right. I’ll just sit around today and rest up for tomorrow…. And… And… And…”

STOP. Don’t get sucked into this rationale. Getting your ass to the gym is like hemoglobin binding oxygen- the first event is the hardest, but the next three get easier and easier. Sigmoidal curves, yo. (If you got any of that, thank you and thank the MCAT). This is why consistency is so key, not only with exercise, but also with eating and life in general. Humans are creatures of habit, and I definitely ascribe to that theory as I thrive with routine. Give me a routine, wind me up, and watch me go. This is why I’m in the gym e.v.e.r.y. day after work: I don’t have to think about it, it’s not a consideration, it’s not a decision- its a schedule, it’s a plan, it’s an obligatory part of my daily routine. I was thinking about writing a post with advice on setting up a routine for exercise and healthy living, so I can continue on this topic later if it’s something in which you all are interested. BUT ANYWAY, since I got so off topic, let me get back to my point: reporting my workouts and meals to you holds me accountable on those days when I’d rather just curl up on my couch. So thank you, readers, in more ways than one. In return, know that I am always here to motivate you, support you, encourage you, and hold you accountable. You can ask my friends, I will text and harass you to work out if you so desire. Also, I set up an email account especially for this blog, so if you ever have any questions or comments that you’d rather not post on the blogosphere, feel free to email me at EatToneLoveBlog@gmail.com. And if you are enjoying my blog, please follow me as a WordPress user or via email by clicking the buttons on the right toolbar!

Speaking of thank yous, tomorrow is the day to thank the most important person in my life: my mom. I’ll be cooking a special GF, dairy-free, egg-free brunch for her, so I’ll have an exciting new recipe to share with you all tomorrow!



photo 1

Van’s GF Honey Nut Cereal
Kind Maple Quinoa Granola (GF)
½ Banana
Organic blueberries
Unsweetened almond milk


photo 2

photo 3

Amy’s Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap (GF, vegan)
Organic Gala apple


Cycling, 30 mins
Push ups
Jump Squats


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