Saved by the Burrito


Saved by the Burrito

An Ode to Breakfast

As the clock struck 7, I awoke in a scurry.
An hour overslept. Oh no, must hurry!
Washed my face and ran a brush through my hair,
Somehow managed to craft an outfit with flair.
No time for a cup of coffee or tea.
Sans caffeine, my brain made its plea.
I hastily concocted a suitable lunch,
A frozen bowl and veggies will do in a crunch.
I ran to my car with my gym clothes in tow,
Battled for parking in the last row.
I arrived respectfully at 8. Phew, no worry,
But unpacking my lunch, my vision went blurry.
My stomach was growling and my brain was foggy,
I had forgotten a breakfast, doomed to be groggy.
What will I do? There’s nothing to eat!
No dairy, no gluten, no eggs, no meat.
My bag was empty, not a single protein bar,
A morning without breakfast?! Mon dieu, au revoir.
My tummy in mourning as I accepted defeat,
Skipping breakfast is not a proper path to petite.
But alas, a vision cut through the frosty freezer air!
An Amy’s Breakfast Burrito wrapped up with care.
With tofu, potatoes, and veggies galore,
A gluten-free vegan meal to make my heart soar.
My day saved by the burrito, I cried in rejoice.
See why planning your meals is a healthy choice!


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