Seriously Cereal



I woke up craving cereal this morning, but my selection was getting pretty bare. So I rolled up to the grocery store in my PJs and picked up one box of cereal, two types of granola, and a carton of almond milk. Totally normal, right? Because the selection of GF vegan cereals are often very slim, I like to mix different ones for taste, fiber, and protein. Granolas often have more fiber, protein, and general nutritional quality as compared to your typical box cereal, but eating a big bowl of granola can be highly caloric and not to mention expensive, with some quality GF granolas costing upwards of $8. This morning I went with a combination of Van’s Honey Nut Crunch and Kind’s Maple Quinoa Clusters granola (with chi chi chi chia). The Van’s has a decent amount of fiber, but the granola packs a larger protein punch due to the quinoa and chia. I topped this lovely combo with blueberries and unsweetened almond milk and paired it an apple. Obviously coffee was involved too, gotta get that caffeine in my veins. Hope to see you at the gym today!


2 thoughts on “Seriously Cereal

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment! I love mixing my cereals, adds so much more taste and variation to your breakfast! I usually like to have a base of something hearty and nutritious, like a quinoa or chia flake cereal. Unfortunately, these don’t always taste the best, so some granola on top adds some flavor and some fiber and protein!

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